Rangpur Medical College and Hospital


SANDHANI is a voluntary institution of Medical & Dental students.
SANDHANI is the pioneer of voluntary blood donation movement in Bangladesh. SANDHANI began operating from Dhaka Medical College on 5 February 1977. Then on 5 October 1982
SANDHANI Rangpur Medical college unit was established.


  1. To influence and encourage people in Voluntary Blood donation.
  2. To influence and encourage people for Posthumous Eye Donation.
  3. To help the poor and helpless patient through finance and other facilities like – Blood, Medicines etc.
  4. Free blood grouping
  5. Collection of cornea after death and transportation of cornea to blinds
  6. To raise helping hands in natural disasters.
  7. Mass vaccination program.
  8. School Health Program.
  9. Health statistics.
  10. Relief and warm cloth distribution and other helps for the disaster affected people
  11. Participate in various charitable welfare activities.

Committee :

SANDHANI is a voluntary institution of Medical & Dental students run by a executive committee & executive advisor council under supervision of SANDHANI Central Committee.

Present executive committee 2020-21:
President Md Al Mamun & General secretary Atkia Ahmed Anty.


SANDHANI Office , 2nd Floor (Middle Block), Rangpur Medical College Hospital, Rangpur.
Email: sandhanirpmcunit@gmail.com
Contact No. 0521-62180
Phone: +8802588878355,


Opening time:
Saturday 8AM–2PM & 7PM -9PM
Sunday 8AM–2PM & 7PM -9PM
Monday 8AM–2PM & 7PM -9PM
Tuesday 8AM–2PM & 7PM -9PM
Wednesday 8AM–2PM & 7PM -9PM
Thursday 8AM–2PM & 7PM -9PM
Friday 7–9PM