Rangpur Medical College and Hospital

Message Of Principal

I am very delighted to introduce you to the Webpage of Rangpur Medical College, a centre of excellence for medical education in Bangladesh. Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one’s life in a right path. We are dealing with medical education to provide doctors who will serve the humanity. This medical college is fully dedicated to provide a world class medical education and promising success in the field of modern healthcare of Bangladesh. This is one of the best known public medical college in this country showed its excellence in the field of medical education and health service. 

this country showed its excellence in the field of medical education and health service. Rangpur medical college has an elegant campus with outstanding academic activities and interactions. This college is committed to provide a time demanding medical education and quality research with the help of distinguished faculty members and teachers.

We have undergraduate courses as well as post graduate courses of various disciplines. At Rangpur medical college, we focus on complete development of our students by involving them in both academic & extra-academic activities. We are very keen about discipline and moral values of our students. The various clubs and student societies organize activities which integrates with the academic courses to develop well developed professionals. I wish every students of Rangpur Medical College to be an efficient and reliable doctor, rendering their service to the nation and they will be able to embrace the Humanity.

“Do the work with intention not because of compulsion.”

With all my love, best wishes and blessings.


Professor Dr. Shah Md. Sarwer Jahan

Rangpur medical college, Rangpur, Bangladesh.