Rangpur Medical College and Hospital



1. MBBS Course is of five years duration plus one year Internship training
2. There are four professional examinations during the MBBS Course.
r Duration of course including examination
First Professional : 1 & 1/2 years
Second Professional : 1 year
Third Professional : 1 year
Final Professional : 1 & 1/2 years
3. There are two Professional Examinations in one year
In 1st Week of May
In 1st Week of November

4. Regular 1st, 2nd & 3rd professional examination held in 1st week of May
Regular Final professional examination held in 1st week of November

Subjects with marks allocated for different professional examinations are as follows:
1st Professional (After completion of phase-I course):
Anatomy : 500 marks
Physiology : 400 marks
Biochemistry : 400 marks
Total : 1300 marks

2nd Professional (After completion of phase-II course):
Community Medicine : 300 marks
Forensic Medicine & Toxicology : 300 marks
Total : 600 marks

3rd Professional (After completion of phase-III course):
Pathology : 300 marks
Microbiology : 300 marks
Pharmacology & Therapeutics : 300 marks
Total : 900 marks

Final Professional (After completion of phase-IV course):
Medicine : 500 marks
Surgery : 500 marks
Obs. & Gynae : 500 marks
Total : 1500 marks

Pass mark is 60% in each written, oral & practical/clinical examination separately


Marks and pattern of questions in written examination of each subject as follows :
1. 10% marks of written examination of each paper of each subject is allocated for formative assessment.
2. 20% marks are allocated for MCQ for each paper. There are separate answer script for MCQ examination. Time allocation is one minute for each question consisting of 5 stems ( total 20 questions).
3. 70% marks are allocated for SAQ (except in Com. Medicine) for each paper.
Marks distribution of oral examination of each subject as follows :
The examination systems and marks distribution is shown against each subject (see the curriculum). Oral part of the examination is structured oral.
50% marks for oral and
50% marks for practical/clinical

Flow chart of MBBS course (new curriculum)