Academic Council

This is the supreme academic body of the Rangpur medical college. This body monitors and maintain all academic activities of Rangpur medical college. It also maintains the disciplinary matters related to students.

Academic council body:

  1. Chairman- Honorable Principal, Rangpur Medical College


  1. Vice Principal, Rangpur Medical College
  2. Director, Rangpur Medical College Hospital
  3. All Head of the departments
  4. All Professors of Rangpur medical college
  5. Two Senior most Associate Professors (one from pre-clinical & another from clinical)
  6. Two Senior most Assistant Professors (one from pre-clinical & another from clinical)
  7. Hostel super, Male and Female Hostels

Duties Of the Academic Council :

  1. To review and make guidance of academic activities of the College
  2. To maintain a sound academic context of the College.
  3. To monitor and make instructions according to various course curriculum (for under-graduate & post graduate).

Activities of the Academic Council:

  1. The academic Council arrange a meeting on every month. The Principal may call a meeting at any time in case of emergency situation.
  2. All approval of the Academic Council are executed by the Principal. Proposals which are beyond the principal will be forwarded to the higher authority concerned.
  3. All proposal of the Academic Council must be considered on discussion.